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Danielle JenkinsDanielle Jenkins is one of the founders of Red Door House to Home in New Jersey and she is an active participant on the day to day operations with the rehab projects and works directly with the contractors.


As president, Danielle manages Sales and Acquisitions. When you’re looking to sell or acquire residential real estate for personal use or as an investment Danielle can assist you in the transaction.

REHAB Property Manager

Danielle participates in the New Jersey residential property rehabilitation. She works directly with contractors, plumbers, electricians, and specialists in roofing, HVAC, drywalling, and painting. And she can be seen on demolition sites, at inspections, and managing the checklist.

Real Estate Agent

Danielle is a New Jersey residential real estate agent and a member of:

  • Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtor Association
  • National Association of Realtors
  • New Jersey Association of Realtors

Real Estate and Networking Organizations

  • Fortune Builders education programs

More about Danielle Jenkins

Danielle has been actively involved in various aspects of the real estate industry since 2015. She started her real estate career by owning student rentals, doing property management, working in mortgage investing and servicing, and is now rehabbing properties with Red Door House to Home.

She graduated from Lafayette College (Easton, PA), bitter rivals of Brooke Lewis’ Lehigh University, in 2010, and completed graduate work in her hometown at Stony Brook University (Long Island, NY) in 2014. Though her background is in Psychology and Neuroscience, she got the itch for real estate shortly after finishing grad school.

Danielle lives and works in Long Branch, New Jersey. When she’s not doing real estate, Danielle likes to read and collect as many books as she can, tutor kids of all ages, sing and play music with her band, and dream about being a comic book superhero.

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