Prospective Home Buyers

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As our name, Red Door House to Home, implies – our goal is to help you find a house to make your home.

TIP: You may be excited about finding a home to purchase, however, in our experience the first thing you should do is get pre-qualified for a mortgage.

Mortgage Pre-Qualifications

Your mortgage pre-qualification is a very important step in the real estate process as it will give us clear picture of the price range that you can afford so we can find the perfect house for you.

You can either go to a lender yourself or we can help direct you to one. Provide your income, assets, and debt to the lender in the pre-qualification application.

A surprising benefit of a mortgage pre-qualification is that it may be a deciding factor should you have competing offers for the same home. Your mortgage pre-qualification shows your seriousness in purchasing a home.

Find A Home

Local Market Specialists don’t just give you Listings they find you a Home!

The next step is finding you a home! We love matching buyers and sellers. We can either can get you in one of our homes or connect with you a licensed agent to find a home for you.

Experienced real estate professionals help you navigate the real estate process. Local market expertise can give you insights into the local properties and comparative views. And their most important role is to help negotiate and advocate on the buyer’s behalf.

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