Can Virtual Staging Help you Sell your Home?

Can Virtual Staging Help you Sell your Home?

staging vs virtual staging

Virtual Staging, Traditional Staging, or No Staging

Staging has always been an integral part of the real estate business. The way the home is presented can make or break for selling of a house.

 77% of buyer agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the home. (According to the National Association of Realtors)

Staging Photo Opportunities – Virtual Staging

The first photos that buyers see of the home make the first impressions. They greatly impact their view of their property, and their willingness to buy the property. As online searches for homes have become more and more popular those first photos are vital. The virtual staging industry has developed as the technology developed.

How do you know if Virtual Staging will work for your property? Will it attract many buyers simply from online photos?

Virtual staging can help seller’s offer some staging at reduced costs. The online photographs present the property in the best light for buyers to see the potential of the home or specific rooms. However, virtual staging may not work for your home. It works the best for:

  • vacant homes
  • homes with outdated furniture
  • properties with tenants in them

To get the most out of your money it is best to hire a professional virtual staging company.  Virtual stagers can even help you to stage one room multiple ways to attract different types of buyers. For example, rooms staged as a guest bedroom, a home office, a playroom, or even a meditation room.

The downside to virtual staging is that it can be difficult when the house is occupied and can be expensive if furniture and decorations must be digitally removed from the photo.

The Costs to Virtual Stage a Room

Pricing for virtual staging is room-based rather than house-based. It costs about 39-199 dollars per room. Traditional staging costs a few hundred dollars per month depending on how much furniture you need and for how long.

What’s the best way to go?

While virtual staging is an amazing alternative for traditional staging, the photos do not transfer when the buyers come for a walk through. Even though it can attract buyers to come for a showing, they will not see the same thing in the house as seen in the images. Traditional staging is still the best way to showcase the highest potential of your house. However virtual staging can be a great and cost-effective alternative to showcasing the potential of the house without overspending to stage the house until the house is sold.

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