Merry Christmas

Posted by Danielle Jenkins // December 23, 2018 // Blog // Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Wishing all the homeowners, renters, and lenders out there a very, Merry Christmas! And a healthy and prosperous New Year! From the team at Red Door House to Home

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Investing in a Duplex

Posted by Danielle Jenkins // December 15, 2018 // Blog / Buying / Lending / Renting // 2 family homes / duplex / duplexes

two-family homes in NJ

Many areas of New Jersey are zoned for duplex homes. Both the traditional up-down and the side-by-side duplexes are popular with investors, buyers, and renters.

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Property Investment Strategies for Beginners

Posted by Brooke Lewis // November 1, 2018 // Lending / Trending Topics // Real Estate Investments / real estate strategies

real estate investor tips

Entering the real estate industry can be very overwhelming. There are many different paths to take and parts of the industry to invest in. Read these strategies for beginner investors…

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Hacks for Making Tenant Management More Hands-Off

Posted by Brooke Lewis // October 19, 2018 // Lending / Trending Topics // tenant management

One of the biggest deterrents to investing in rental properties is tenant management. Here are some ideas for property owners to make tenant management more hands-off.

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Can Virtual Staging Help you Sell your Home?

Posted by Brooke Lewis // October 8, 2018 // Selling / Trending Topics // virtual staging

staging vs virtual staging

Virtual staging, traditional staging, or no staging – find out some of the pros and cons of virtual staging.

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Is Real Estate a Satisfactory Job?

Posted by Brooke Lewis // September 19, 2018 // Blog / Trending Topics

real estate agents

But the real question is … why is being in the real estate business satisfactory? Many think that health-care professional, working for a non-profit organization, or being a teacher may be among the most rewarding professions in the United States; but there is another industry just as satisfying – the real estate industry. Real estate […]

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Thinking about selling your home?

Posted by Andrea Lane // August 23, 2018 // Selling // New Jersey / selling your home

selling your home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, or have been on the verge of selling your home for the past few years. The time to sell is NOW.

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Do You Want to Invest in Real Estate?

Posted by William Villa // August 8, 2018 // Blog / Lending // invest in real estate

dream big start small act now

Have you ever dreamed about investing in real estate?  Many people have, but few people know how to or worse, they “try” without knowledge and fail.  We at Red Door House to Home believe that investing in real estate is the way to long term residual wealth.  We strive to continually learn, practice, and share […]

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How To Manipulate Your Mindset To Achieve Success

Posted by Andrea Lane // August 1, 2018 // Blog / Lending // achieve success

Every real estate investor wants to be successful. There is nobody who starts a new career thinking they will fail. However, wanting to be successful only works if you are willing to pay the price and make the necessary sacrifices. This is especially important in the world of real estate where setbacks and disappointment are […]

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The New Real Estate Market Landscape

Posted by Andrea Lane // July 31, 2018 // Trending Topics // real estate landscape / real estate market landscape

analytics real estate market landscape

What is the Real Estate Market Landscape in New Jersey? Business trends, the economy…

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