Do you have a real estate circle of influence?

Do you have a real estate circle of influence?

real estate circle of influence

What is a ‘Circle of Influence’ in real estate and how can you create one?

Similar to a networking mastermind group or a career mentor, a real estate Circle of Influence is a concept that can boost your success as a real estate professional. As the terms says, you need to surround yourself with people of influence in the real estate industry. You are not creating a club or networking group, but you are conscientiously spending time with people that can support in your real estate goals.

Creating your Circle of Influence

Those around you impact how you approach your business and your goals. Whether you call it law of attraction, networking, or  passive coaching – try aligning yourself with those that are where you want to go.

You might want to start by identifying the types of people you could benefit from having in your circle of influence. Depending on what type of goals you have in the real estate industry you might want to include:

  • Business owners
  • Financial advisors and consultants
  • Insurance agents for homeowners, renters, and commercial business
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate lawyers

This isn’t just about connecting with people to get ahead, it is also about connecting with the people that you will be doing business within your real estate career. You will reach your own full potential while helping others reach theirs.

What About Your Family and Friends? Are they in my Circle of Influence?

They might be. The concept behind the Circle of Influence is not telling you to not spend time with family and friends. But it is telling you to make time to be with people who you can learn from. You can learn from classes and webinars, but it’s alway nice to talk one-on-one with someone or in a small like-minded group.

Are those in your Circle of Influence New Friends?

You may or may not make the transition of moving from a business professional relationship to  ‘friends’. In the beginning, many of those in your circle of influence will start off as networking acquaintances, mentors, accountability partners,  and possibly even clients. If you want to build your circle of influence into more friendly relationships, think about meeting regularly for coffee, lunches, dinners, lunches, networking events, or an outing like golf.

Over time you will see people moving in and out of your circle of influence as your relationships or business goals change. Try it out! Reach out to me, Andrea Lane!