Do you have the money but not the time or experience to get involved in the real estate market? We’ve met and worked with people that were interested in getting better rates of return on their investments but didn’t know there was a way to get double-digit ROI.

“We’re investing in real estate with Red Door House to Home and are getting double digit percentage return on our investment” ~ Harry P.

Private Lenders Are More Common Than You Might Think!


lend moneyGreat interest rates

You can use your funds to get a great interest rate. We have offered double-digit rates of return on relatively short-terms investments in real estate!

lend moneySelf-Directed IRA

Did you know that you can create a self-directed IRA to improve your retirement income performance. Ask us about self-directed IRAs.

lend moneyGenerate Residual Income

You can generate residual income! You can get involved in rehabbing or renting without getting personally involved.

lend moneyLocal Community Development

Are you interested in getting involved in the real estate development in your local community? This is a great way if you don’t have the time but do have the money.


Red Door House to Home has worked with a number of individuals, families, and groups that have wanted to get involved in real estate but didn’t have the time or experience. We have the experience and have teams on the ground in central/south New Jersey, Long Island, and Baltimore, Maryland.


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