Investing in a Duplex

Investing in a Duplex

two-family homes in NJ

New Jersey 2-family home investments

There are many areas of New Jersey zoned for duplex homes. Both the traditional up-down duplexes and the side-by-side duplexes are still very popular with investors, buyers, and renters.

Up-Down Duplexes: The traditional two family home architecture has an apartment on the ground floor and another one upstairs.

Side-by-side Duplexes: Also referred to as Twin Semi-Detached Homes. These duplexes have two single-family homes sharing one common wall. They usually have mirror layouts and both have a ground floor entrance and usually an upstairs for the bedrooms.


When many renters are looking to get out of apartment rental life, sometimes then start renting single-family homes. But many others see the investment opportunities of purchasing a duplex and living in one apartment and renting the other out. The major attraction is that you usually don’t need to have a traditional down payment of 10-20% deposit to purchase one because one of the apartments in the 2-family home will be a rental property.


There are plenty of duplexes in residential neighborhoods in New Jersey. Another type of duplex investment is beach houses at the Jersey shore.


Renters like them because they usually have more character and space than apartment living.

Buying a duplex in New Jersey can be an excellent first investment, a great buyer/renter investment, and many investors prefer duplexes to multi-family homes.