Is Real Estate a Satisfactory Job?

Is Real Estate a Satisfactory Job?

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But the real question is … why is being in the real estate business satisfactory?

Many think that health-care professional, working for a non-profit organization, or being a teacher may be among the most rewarding professions in the United States; but there is another industry just as satisfying – the real estate industry.

Real estate agents are reported as 28% more satisfied in their careers than other professional workers. (according to the Conference Board in 2017)

At Red Door House to Home we work with realtors, brokers, investors, sellers, buyers, contractors, and inspectors and the one thing our team and the various people we work with in the industry have in common is our love for the real estate industry!


Real Estate agents are able to have flexible schedules. They are able to make their own schedules and work according to their availability.

Flexible work schedules was the number-1 most important reason for job satisfaction in real estate agents. They are able to handle out of work responsibilities on a daily basis while still being successful as an agent or broker.  In addition, agents can be their own side projects while still pursuing a real estate career. This makes real estate a job of freedom to choose how hard you want to work in real estate and how many deals you want to make.


The real estate industry is not solely about making money. For many, it means giving families and individuals their next home to live in and make memories for a lifetime. This is one of the most satisfactory parts of the real estate industry according to two-thirds of real estate agents surveyed regarding why real estate is satisfactory to them.

The Potential of High Income

The sky’s the limit in terms of the level of income achievable in real estate. You can earn as much money as you are willing to work for and pursue. One can develop strategies to work in multi-million dollar markets or continue to work in mid-range housing deals, pursuing their own niche to work in the real estate market.

Mentally Engaging

Real Estate is a constantly changing market making it hard to be stagnant. The ever-changing market challenges agents to adapt to market changes and continue to problem solve.

A real estate career could be life changing. However, you do not need to be a broker or agent to be actively involved in the market. Red Door House to Home works with individuals looking to buy, sell, and lend.

Lending is a great way to start investing in real estate.
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