Thinking about selling your home?

Thinking about selling your home?

selling your homeIf you’ve been thinking about selling your home, or have been on the verge of selling your home for the past few years. The time to sell is NOW.

Why is now the time to sell?

New Jersey has become a seller’s market with housing prices increasing 8.7 percent annually. In addition, prices continue to rise with the decline of available houses for sale. The median home price for New Jersey has risen to the value of $318,000, a value that has not been reached since 2005, before the 2008 market crash.

While overall New Jersey has seen notable home value increases, some towns have seen increasing property values consistently and at much higher percentages than the median percentage increase. Asbury Park is one of the most up and coming areas that has had substantial property value increases with a 31% increase in property values over the past year and a median house value of $338,000. While Asbury Park has experienced significant housing value increases other towns are experiencing price increases as well including:

Weehawken, Jersey City, Haddon, Fair Haven, Deal, Bradley Beach, Glen Ridge, New Providence and Madison.

How We Can Help

If your home is in one of these towns, you could potentially sell your home at the peak market price of your property!

As a team member of Red Door House to Home, I have been analyzing the property value increases, in particular in the booming towns mentioned above. Red Door House to Home currently has properties in Monmouth County.

If you are seriously considering selling your house our team members can help you sell while the market is still hot for peak market value.  Contact us!